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past crafted athletes

Brian Mone

Defensive tackle for the Seattle Seahawks (3rd year)

 ”After finishing my senior year at the University of Michigan, I trained with Coach Hughes while I was preparing for the NFL Draft. He helped with getting me prepared to play at the next level. Through his training sessions, we worked on my hand speed, agility, pass rush moves and overall endurance. With his football experience, he's able to break down each drill and tell you WHY it will help your game. I would recommend Crafted Athletes to the guys looking for the tools to dominate on the field!”

Dennis Johnson

Defensive Lineman at Grand Valley State University

After working with Crafted Athletes, Dennis earned defensive linemen of the year and First Team All GLIAC (Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference)

“I worked with Coach Hughs the summer of 2019 preparing for my redshirt Junior season. Right from the start I could tell he knew what he was doing when it came to coaching defensive line. I really liked how he filmed every session so he could coach me up on what I needed to get better at just like a college coach. We ended up working all summer and that season I earned defensive lineman of the year for my team and also was selected first team all conference and I attribute my success that year to the work I put in with Coach Hughs at Crafted Athletes Training!”

Ache Baccus

Offensive Linemen at West Virginia State University

After working with Crafted Athletes, Ache received First Team all OCC and second team All District

“Working with Coach Hughes helped me so much during my senior year off season. Working with my hands learning moves that will help me during the game and improve my play. Getting my hips involved getting around defenders and becoming explosive off of the ball. Most important thing probably is how many tools I was able to take from the drills and transfer on to the field.”

Qwyn Williams

Defensive Lineman at Judson University

After working with Crafted Athletes, Qwyn received MVP honors VTO sport Elite 100 camp & was invited to the VTO Sports All American Challenge 

“Having Coach Hughes for my coach was a great opportunity for me to get better and become the athlete I wanted to be. He shaped me in to the college athlete I am now, and gave me the tools to be the best. Him having a NFL background was great because he knows the game and what it takes to get to the next level. He does not just care for what you do on the field but cares how you are off the field to. He is one of the best coaches I have had through my whole life of playing football.”

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